Enters a long position on the next open. This function is generally used by an Entry Block to initiate a position.



broker.EnterLongOnOpen( [protectStopPrice] )





Value of the protect Exit Stop price to be used in case the market goes against the position (optional parameter when a protective exit price isn't wanted for the bar of entry).



When a broker function succeeds it will place a True in the system.orderExists() and when it fails to this property will return a False.  Before attempting to access any order information expected from a broker order, consider checking to confirm an order was created with a conditional statement similar to this:

  '  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  '  When New Order is Created,...
  If system.OrderExists() THEN
    '  Apply Order Detail To Trade Information
    order.SetRuleLabel( sRuleLabel)
    '  Apply Order Details To Order Information
    order.SetOrderReportMessage( sRuleLabel)
  ENDIF '  s.OrderExists
  '  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



' Enter the market on the next open.
broker.EnterLongOnOpen( protectStopPrice )


' Enter the market on the next open with no stop



Broker, Entry Order Functions, Unit Size Script

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