Trading Blox default numeric and string series are single column series.  However, Trading Blox version 4.5 and later will support a manually indexed two-column numeric series.  A two-column series has two data columns that can be accessed independently.  


By default, only a single column series is created when the BPV or IPV variable creation dialog is used to create a series.  To add a second column the manually indexed series must be sized using scripting using two parameter size values.  


Creating a series with two independent columns starts by first creating a manual single column series.  


Then, changing the series is changed from is default single data column to a dual column series.







Setup Example:

Here is how you define, set, and access multi dimensional numeric non auto indexed series:


' Change the myDual Series non auto indexed number array to a dual array
SetSeriesSize( myDualSeries, 10, 10 )
' Set the value of element 5, 1 to the number 99
SetSeriesValue( myDualSeries, 99, 5, 1 )
' Print the value of element 5, 1
PRINT GetSeriesValue( myDualSeries, 5, 1 )




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