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"Defined Elsewhere in Another Block" option:

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Any variable "Defined Externally in Another Blox" Option


Almost all blox are entirely independent.   Where this isn't true, is when a blox is created with a variable that has enabled the "Defined Elsewhere in Another Block" option.


When this data item enables the "Defined Elsewhere in Another Block" option, only the type setting will be displayed in the blox where the data item is named.  Blox that have this option enabled must also have another blox in the same system that provides the named data item's scope setting and any default initialization value required.  


Data items that use the "Defined Elsewhere in Another Block" option, create a dependency that requires another blox to be in the system so the data item's information can be fully referenced for the test to operate successfully.


When the dependent blox isn't included, Trading Blox Builder will stop a test and display a message similar to this one at the bottom of the data window that appears:

"I can't run the '<Any Script Name>' script from the Trading Block '<AnyBloxName>'.  The parser can't understand line 1 because variable '<AnyVariableName>' is undefined in this context."


This message is reporting the "Defined Elsewhere in Another Block" data item hasn't been fully declared in any of the blox listed in the system being tested.


For more information about the "Defined Elsewhere in Another Block" option, review the information in the Data Scope topic.

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