Changing Order Information:

Functions in the Order Object are the only methods that can change filled orders.  All order changes must happen before the order is removed.


Scripts, where the Order Object Properties and function are normally accessible, are shown in this table.  Orders are accessible in other scripts, and in other systems in the same Suite.  To access an order that is in the same system, but not in a script where it has context, use the AlternateOrder Object.  


To access orders that are not in the same system from where you wish access, use the AlternateSystem Object to bring that system into context before using the AlternateOrder Object.


When accessing an order keep in mind that access to any order is different than making changes to the order that flow to the position that will end and only exist as a closed trade record.


Changes to an entry order must happen before the order is in the Entry Order Filled script sections.


Changes to an exit order values are limited.  i.e. fill price, quantity, custom value, rules.  Attempts to change values in the Exit Order Filled script section won't have any effect.




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