Capital Adds Draws Total

Capital Adds & Draws:

This Trading Blox Builder feature provides a trader  an option to add or draw capital from a trading account.  Values for an add, or a draw can be created by keyboard entry where the user enters a date and an amount.  Values entered are recorded on the test date that matches the the simulation's test date and are applied as one of the latest transaction during the After Trade Day equity adjustments. Global Parameter's Fees Parameters can be enabled so a Fee Parameter option will add draws to the Capital Adds Draws Transaction file.



Fee transactions are accrued on a (daily/monthly/quarterly/yearly) basis, and booked as defined in global parameters .


Global Fees Parameter Options

Click to Expand -- Click to Reduce


As capital record transactions are recorded and each transaction record date passes the value of the summed transaction to that date are applied and can be reported.  Each time a capital value are added or removed the Capital Adds Draws file is updated.


Capital Additions & Draws Dialog:

Values are entered through a dialog that is available at the bottom of Trading Blox main screen Suite menu item:

Capital Adds & Draws Menu Access Button

Capital Adds & Draws Menu Access Button


Adding, Changing and Removing Transactions:

When the Capital Adds Draws button is clicked, this dialog will appear:

Capital Adds & Draws Transaction Dialog

Capital Adds & Draws Transaction Dialog

Changes made to the Capital Adds Draws process are updated and available.  


Capital Draw Add File Contents:

This file is located where Trading Blox Builder is installed.  

To access the file, OPEN the Trading Blox Builder folder, then open the Data folder's Auxiliary folder:

Capital Adds & Draws File Location

Capital Adds & Draws File Location

File is a comma delimited file that is compatible with most spreadsheet programs.

Capital Add Draw records for each system is kept in the Data folder of Trading Blox:

Capital Adds Draws System Record Location v4.3.2.1

Above Sample File Contents:



















value = test.capitalAddsDrawsTotal





See above property description above, and Return results below.



'  Access current running total of Capital Adds & Draws
value = test.capitalAddsDrawsTotal
'  Send capitalAddsDrawsTotal property value to Print Output.csv file.
Print "Capital Adds & Draws: ", value


Capital Adds & Draws: , -2500



OtherExpenses, UpdateOtherExpenses

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