A Trading Blox system is a group of selected Blox modules that are available in the System Editor's module list.  Each trader who builds their own system structure selects the specific modules they need to achieve the system's intended goal.  


To get started with building our first system we must enter into the System Editor by selecting System menu item under the main screen's Edit menu, or by pressing F3.

System Editor Selection Menu F3

All we need to do now is create and name a new System, and then include our Entry Exit Blox in a System.  When this System Editor dialog appears we will create a new system list and save it:

System Editor Dialog Tutorial


Click on the "New" button on the lower left side of the System Editor, and enter the name "Tutorial System" into the New System dialog, and then click the OK button:

New System Name Creation Dialog


We now have a new system list named "Tutorial System" where we can add our new Entry Exit Blox.  


Look in the block list on the right side of the screen and scroll the list until you find the Entry Exit blox and see the "Tutorial Entry Exit Block" we created in the earlier lesson sections.  When you find our tutorial block, right-click on it so that is will appear in the system section list area.

System Editor - Tutorial Entry Exit Block - List Selection

Next locate the "Basic Money Manager" provided with Trading Blox.  Click on it and then right-click the it so that is it also placed into the system listing:

System Editor - Basic Money Manager - List Selection

Our System Editor static section list of selected module is shown in the center of the screen and should look like this:

System Editor - Tutorial System list details

If by chance it doesn't look like the above, remove what is wrong by right-clicking on the wrong items, locate the items mentioned earlier in this section, and then right-click on them so they appear as this center system list detail shows.


Building System Information:

Each system is created by first naming a new system structure that will be used to keep the required modules grouped.


Selecting modules is made possible by locating the a module in the System Editor's Blox Listing, and then adding it to a system by right-clicking on its name.  


Removing a module is made possible by right clicking on the module the trader wishes to remove.  


There can only be one instance of the following modules assigned to a system.  When the Blox type you want to use in a system already has a Blox name displayed in the center system listing and for that Blox type it must be removed before you will be able to assign the Blox you want to use:

Portfolio Manager

Money Manager

Risk Manager


Once a system is assembled with selected modules it must be saved so it can be available.  


When a system is first assigned to a Suite for testing, all the Blox modules will show the default parameters given to the module's parameter.  These values can be changed, and once changed the Suite structure will remember the new values until they are changed again.


Removing and adding another module will loose the previous module's edited parameter settings, and the new module will be loaded and display its default value until you change them.


Entry and Exit, and Auxiliary module can have multiple modules of that type listed.


This completes the first series in this tutorial topic.

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