Trading Blox assigns the blox Module-Type name based upon the name of some scripts contained in the blox.  Type-Classifying scripts are used because those script names are recommended for supporting how various methods are placed and support how the system operates.  Some script names are only executed when position is active, or when a broker object statement is executed.



Systems in a Suite, and Blox in a System are sorted in alphabetical order when the Suite and when the Systems are created.  This means the the system with letters that sort ahead of all the other systems in the Suite, will be assigned to system index 1.  The system that is second in the name sorted order will be assigned, system index 2, etc.


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System Block Editor

System Blox Type:

Blox Allowed:

Type Class Scripts (at least one required):

Portfolio Manager


Rank Instruments

Filter Portfolio


No Limit

Entry Orders


No Limit

Exit Orders

Money Manager


Unit Size

Risk Manager


Initialize Risk Manager

Compute Instrument Risk

Compute Risk Adjustments

Adjust Instrument Risk


No Limit

Any Script Not Listed Above


Some modules can contain some of the same scripts as other modules in the system.  Scripts with the same name will be execute at the same time but the order in which they execute will be based upon the order in which the blox is listed in the System Editor blox listing.


In the Blox Type sections shown on the left some of the modules shown in the sections have some of the same type script sections.  When these scripts are executed their name position in the type section where they are displayed will determine the order in which the blox script section with the same name are executed.  


For example, in the Exit section shown in the image on the left, there are two blox names listed.  Chandelier Exit, a progressive protective exit price module, and Turtle Entry Exit R-Labels, the Turtle Entry Exit standard Exit Order section for protecting and exiting positions.  When this system execute, the order of Exit Orders in each of the two blox modules shown will happen so the Chandelier Exit Exit Orders script section will execute ahead of the Turtle Entry Exit Exit Orders section.


To change the order in which a script section with the same names is executed, the name of the blox modules must be changed so as to change how its ascending alphabetically sorted position appears in the type section.


Modules in all of the script section in which more than one module of that type are allowed to be placed within a system, will follow the same alphabetical blox name order.

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