Changes how a TYPE SERIES array is passed to a Chart Object or Scrip Object Custom function.  


Most functions can accept values from variables by the value in the variable that is passed to the function.  Series data cannot be passed by value, unless a single indexed element is being passed.  To pass all the elements in a series array it must be passed by reference. AsSeries() provides the reference information required to access the elements in the series.


Script Execute functions and Custom Chart Director functions require the first elements memory location of data's for the first element the series.  Charting functions also require data passed to their functions also include an element count.  


This function is not required for static variables or properties that are not an Auto-Index or Manually Indexed series.



AsSeries( AnySeries )





Any series assigned to any Custom Chart or Script Object parameter is required to use this conversion function.



  '  Add 5 element values to represent "bar1"
  chart.AddBarSeries( AsSeries( bar1 ), 5 )

  '  Passing Series to a Custom Function
  script.Execute("ExampleFunction", AsSeries(anySeries))



Chart Object, AsFloating, AsInteger, AsString, IsFloating, IsInteger, IsString, Scrip Object

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