Increases or decreases an existing position by the specified factor, if the market hits the stop price. See: AdjustPositionOnOpen for a more complete description of the adjustment factor.


Increasing a position size will result in adding units since the contract/share additions will have a different entry date than any of the existing units. Decreasing a position size will remove contracts/shares starting with the last unit on, and working back to the first if necessary.


This function is generally used by a Risk Manager Block to lighten a position to meet certain risk restrictions.



broker.AdjustPositionOnStop( [symbol], adjustmentPercent, stopPrice )





Symbol is optional when intended broker order is for the instrument naturally in context.


the factor which will be multiplied by the existing position quantities to arrive at the new unit sizes.


the price which the market must hit to trigger an adjustment.



'  Adjust the position size by our computed adjustment when Stop price is penetrated.

broker.AdjustPositionOnStop( 0.75, stopPrice )




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