Increases or decreases an existing position by the specified factor as of the close.  


Increasing a position size will result in the addition position units since the contract/share additions will have a different entry date than any of the existing units.


Decreasing a position size will remove contracts/shares starting with the last unit on, and working back through the remaining units until enough quantity has been removed.


For instance:

broker.AdjustPositionOnClose( 1.4 )

would increase a position by 40%, while


broker.AdjustPositionOnClose( .8 )

would decrease the position by 20%.


This function is used by a Risk Manager Block to lighten a position to meet certain risk restrictions.  It can be used in other script where instruments have context.



broker.AdjustPositionOnClose( adjustmentFactor )





Factor by which the current position quantity will be multiplied.  Result will determine position size after adjustmens have been processed.





' Reduce the position size by our computed adjustment.
broker.AdjustPositionOnClose( riskAdjustment )




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